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Vibration Therapy

By Liana McMorrow

Last week we were lucky enough to have Abby, local sex educator and owner of Pleasure and Peach, come into the clinic and provide us with some quality research and education about vibrators. Previously Vibration has been regarded as a way to enhance sexual pleasure, however it can also provide clinical benefits and be used as a treatment tool.

Initially this may seem abstract, however as a treatment modality vibration uses a mechanical oscillatory motion. These motions can be sporadic or periodic, can be applied to one muscle group or to the whole body. Vibration therapy replicates the stretching and shortening of the muscle, which can change the metabolic rate and therefore blood flow and tissue perfusion! So, what does this mean? It means vibration can be used to help improve muscle range of motion and blood flow!

Additionally vibration can help improve our muscle mapping, and coordination for both strength and relaxation. strength and decrease muscle tone - helping it to relax! Research supports vibration therapy to help improve muscle range of motion, increase blood flow, muscle strength and range of motion. So what does this mean? Vibration can also help to reduce pain perception or Antinociception, the theory known as vibratory analgesia.

In the realm of pelvic health, vibration may be a beneficial treatment modality of pelvic physiotherapy in the realms of both pelvic pain and sexual function. Vibration can help improve our muscle mapping, coordination and perception for both strength and relaxation. This can have benefits when treating sexual function, anorgasmia and arousal levels. Vibration therapy may also help reduce pain perception or Antinociception, to help with genital desensitization, which may be beneficial for pelvic pain or sexual pain such as vulvodynia and vaginismus. Vibration can also be used along side other pelvic treatment modalities such as pelvic floor exercises, relaxation techniques and dilator therapy.

The world of vibrators can be a little bit intimidating, so here are the top tips we gathered from our chat with Pleasure and Peach;

  • Chose body safe products made out of high quality silicone

  • Purchase good quality lubricants that don’t impact vaginal flora or Ph levels.

  • Get in touch with a professional for specific, tailored and appropriate advice.

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