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The Team

Qualified. Compassionate. Knowledable.


Erin Cuskelly

Founder and Physiotherapist

The Female Focus has been developed through Erin’s personal experience with birth and recovery, combined with over a decade of professional experience as a physiotherapist - creating a place dedicated to helping women in their journeys through pregnancy and beyond.


Erin has extensive experience in musculoskeletal private practice and Women's Health.

Courses and Qualifications:

- B. Physiotherapy University of Newcastle 2008

- Current University of Newcastle B. Physiotherapy Tutor
- Introduction to Assessment and Treatment of the Pelvic Floor (APA)
- The Pregnant Pelvis: An Integrated Approach (APA)
- Overactive Bladder (WHTA)

- POP and SUI (WHTA)
- Advanced Pelvic Floor: Exercise, Sport & Musculoskeletal Dysfunction (WHTA)
- Acupuncture and Dry Needling (APA)
- Postnatal Exercise for Asymptomatic and Symptomatic Women (APA)
- Calmbirth (APA)
- Therapeutic Ultrasound for Mastitis (APA)
- The pelvic floor during high impact and weight lifting, Helen Keeble

- Preparing the Pelvic Floor for Birth, Pelvic Health Mentoring

    Eleanor Lambert


    Eleanor treats every patient that enters Female Focus Physiotherapy with patience and compassion.

    Following her own experience with pregnancy, birth and postpartum, Eleanor felt driven to help other women in their recovery, and break down the stigma surrounding pelvic floor dysfunction. She has combined this personal knowledge with nearly a decade of professional experience as a physiotherapist - providing holistic treatment dedicated to empowering women and helping them regain confidence, control and strength.

    Courses and Qualifications:

    - Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University of Newcastle
    - APA Women's Pelvic Health Level 1
    - APA Women's Health Through the Lifestages Level 1
    - "The Pregnant Pelvis - An integrated Approach'
    - Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain" , The Sydney Pelvic Clinic
    - "Diastisis and The Abdominal Wall", The Physiotherapy Clinic

    - Certified Birth Support Doula

    - POP and SUI (WHTA)


    Bess Stewart


    Bess has gained extensive experience in Women's Health and Paediatric Physiotherapy since graduating from Newcastle University in 2018.


    In addition to their passion for physiotherapy Bess is also a qualified Yoga instructor, Clinical Pilates instructor and holds a Biomedical Science degree. Bess has a special interest in managing chronic pelvic and sexual pain clients and is currently studying a Masters in Sexology.

    Bess has the skills and patience to ensure every body may reach it's full potential.

    Courses and Qualifications:

    Women's Health Training Associates Level 1

    Pelvic Girdle Pain: Myths and Management, Caroline Cooper

    Abdominal Wall and Diastasis Management, The Physiotherapy Clinic

    Dry Needling Level 1

    Clinical Pilates Unit A

    Liana McMorrow


    Liana McMorrow, developed a special interest in Women's Health since studying under expert Pelvic Health Educator Taryn Hallam at Australian Catholic University.


    Liana is passionate about supporting women to live an active, pain-free, symptom-free life.

    Outside of equipping women with strategies to live their best life Liana enjoys training in the gym and travelling.

    Courses and Qualifications


    Recognising and co-managing hip conditions in pelvic floor dysfunction. (APA)

    All things Bowels. (The Physio Clinic)

    Endometriosis Mini Conference. (The Physio Clinic)

    Therapeutic Ultrasound for Mastitis. (APA)

    Women's Health Through the Life Stages Level 1 Part A & B. (APA)

    Women's Pelvic Health Level 1 Part A & B. (APA)

    Female Pelvic Floor Workshop. (Eileen Lavis)

    Better Pain Management. (Faculty of Pain Medicine, ANZCA, APA)


    Caitlin Daley


    Caity lives and breathes for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, knowing early in her undergraduate degree that she had found her 'forever job'.

    Since graduating from Newcastle University in 2015, Caity has completed a post graduate certificate in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy, and a Professional Certificate in the management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

    Her special interests include incontinence, prolpase, pregnancy and post partum care and exercise programming. 

    Know as the 'pocket-rocket', Caity spends her time outside of work with her young family, running or training in the gym.

    Courses and Qualifications:

    - B. Physiotherapy University of Newcastle 2015 (Honors)

    - Post. Grad. Cert. Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

    University of Melbourne

    - Professional Certificate in Prolapse Management,

    University of South Australia

    Dry Needling Level 1

    Female Pelvic Floor, Complete Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

    - Yoga Teacher Level 1

      Caitlin McIntyre

      Remedial Massage Therapist

      Caitlin McIntyre is our experienced massage therapist, available for 60 minute appointments to customise a treatment to relieve your muscular aches and pains. She is qualified and skilled in remedial, pregnancy and relaxation massage.

      Some benefits of massage therapy are:

      • Improved circulation

      • Decreased stress levels through promoting relaxation

      • Decreased muscle tension and pain

      • Improved blood pressure

      • Improved range of motion

      • Reduction of post-injury scar tissue that limits range of motion

      • Improved recovery rate

      • Feeling of well-being as a result of released endorphins

      • Improved sleep pattern

        • ​​​We utilise a Belly PiIlow for Pregnancy Massage treatments for optimal comfort.

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