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The female body is amazing. Conceiving, carrying and delivering a baby is one of the most extraordinary things a human can do. But it can take its toll physically.

The Female Focus has been created to offer women sound, practical and qualified advice throughout their pregnancies and beyond. We help women prepare their bodies for birth, and recover from the process. We also help women of all ages maintain their health, allowing them to meet their fitness goals. Whether it is getting control back of your bladder or running your first post-partum marathon, The Female Focus will help you live your best life.

Our Team

Qualified. Knowledgeable. Compassionate.

The team at The Female Focus is made up of skilled wellness professionals who are dedicated to getting our patients back to optimal health. We offer a range of specializations and skills to meet the individual needs of each one of our patients.


Erin Cuskelly


B. Physiotherapy


The Female Focus has been developed through Erin’s personal experience with birth and recovery, combined with over a decade of professional experience as a physiotherapist - creating a place dedicated to helping women in their journeys through pregnancy and beyond.

Erin has extensive experience in private practice and enjoys managing sports and musculoskeletal injury as well as pelvic health concerns. She has helped clients who range from international level athletes with serious injury through to women recovering from c-sections. She is passionate about helping women achieve their optimal health and fitness, regardless of their stage of life.


Clinic Appointments Monday - Friday,

8am - 5pm

Located inside Infuse Health,

4/10 William St Adamstown.

Home Visits Wednesday within 30min radius of Adamstown.

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